Strong Testimonials Plugin

How to add/edit/ delete testimonials

1) Select Testimonials from the Dashboard Menu

2) Next you will see the main Testimonials options.

  1. You will see current testimonials
  2. You can add new testimonials
  3. You can edit current testimonials
  4. You can delete testimonials

3) Click Add new and complete the following steps in picture.

4) Edit and Delete

To Edit a current testimonial hover over the name and you will see options appear.

Edit | Quick Edit | Bin | View

1) Edit, will all you to edit the testimonial.

2)Bin, will delete the testimonial

3) View will show you a preview of the testimonial

4) Edit screen

Below is an example of the edit screen, its the same as Add New, except you see the current testimonial pre populated. Which you can edit and remember to click the update button to save your changes.

Note: When adding New or Editing always remeber to click 'Publish', 'Update'.

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